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A couple are ‘subfertile’ if conception has not occurred after a year of regular unprotected intercourse. Fifteen per cent of couples are affected. Failure o conceive may be primary, meaning that female partner has never conceived, or secondary, indicating that she has previously conceived, even if the pregnancy culminated in a miscarriage or abortion.

Four basic conditions are required for pregnancy:

1. An egg must be produced. Failure is ‘anovulation’ (30%of cases)

2. Adequate sperm must be released: ‘Male factor’ problems contribute to 25% of cases.

3. The sperm must reach the egg. Most commonly the Fallopian tubes are damaged (25%of cases). Sexual (5%) and cervical (5%) problems may also prevent fertilization.

4. The fertilized egg must implant. Defective implantation is actually a very early miscarriage, but presents as subfertility. The incidence is unknown.

Contributors to subfertility

1. Anovulation (30%): PCOS, hypothalamic hypogonadism, hyperprolactinaemia, premature ovarian failure, luteinized unruptured follicle, gonadal dysgenesis.

2. Male problems (25%): Idiopathic oligospermia, personal habits, varicocele, anti-sperm antibodies, drugs, many others.

3. Tubal factor (20%): infection, endometriosis, surgery.

4. Cervical factor (5%): infection, antibodies.

5. Sexual factor (5%): coital problems and impotence

6. Unexplained (25%)

At our fertility clinic, led by Dr Vincent Yu, we offer treatment for a wider range of fertility problems, whether the problem occurs with the women, the men, a shared problem, or where there is no other obvious cause.

Over the past 20 years, we have successfully helped numerous couples to conceive naturally by using Chinese herbal therapy and Acupuncture treatment. An accumulating research studies also demonstrate that some Chinese herbs can dramatically enhance the chances of a natural pregnancy by treating reproductive disorders, regulating monthly menstrual cycle, promoting egg production and ovulation, improving the quality of eggs and increasing the sperm count.

Specialist appointments can be arranged at any of our three clinics:

Kilburn (northwest London)

Wembley (northwest London)

East Ham (east London)