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Is it difficult to get pregnant?

A woman with PCOS became pregnant

Mrs. R Oprisoreanu, a 26 Years old Romania women presented at Dr Yu clinic with a irregular menstruation and oligomenorrhoea of two years duration. On examination, she had acne and hirsutism. There was no over weight and there was no other abnormality on general examination.

After consultation, Dr Yu checked her tongue and pulse, then prescribed her Chinese herbal mixture (to be boiled with water and drink the tea twice daily) and acupuncture treatment twice weekly (30 mins per session).

She followed these treatment plans for three months, her monthly menstrual cycle became regular with medium bleeding for five days, her facial acne were getting less. She continued the treatments for another two months before she went back to Romania where her husband worked.

Ten months later, she came back to Dr Yu clinic from Romania, and told Dr Yu that she had pregnant for five months. Now she has a healthy lovely baby girl.