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Help with reducing weight?

A woman lost 8 kg in 10 weeks

Mrs L Jones , a 36 years old woman presented with one year history of over weight. During a consultation with Dr Yu, she claimed that she had been stressed, craving for chocolates and over-eating. Over the past one year, she had gained 15kg in body weight. She also suffered from insomnia and constipation. There is no previous medical history. There is also no family history of obesity.

Dr. Yu checked her tongue and pulse, then prescribed Chinese herbal mixture (to be boil with water and drink the tea twice daily), along with acupuncture treatment twice weekly (30 mins per session).

With dietary advice, she lost 1.5 kg of body weight after first week of treatment, then she lost 0.5 to 1 kg per week thereafter. After 10 weeks of herbal treatment and 20 sessions of acupuncture, she had lost 8 kg of body weight ,her sleep was fine and her bowel movements became regular.