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Do you suffer from Vitiligo?

A girl with Vitiligo on her face has recovered

Miss H Alam, a 9 years old girl visited Dr Yu clinic with 5 years history of vitiligo around her eyes. Her parents stated that the white patches started five years ago, she had been to hospital and was given creams treatment with no results. There is no previous medical history and there is no family history of Vitiligo.

During a consultation, Dr Yu inspected her tongue, checked her pulse and asked her general health, then Dr Yu prescribed her Chinese herbal medicine to be brewed from raw herbs and taken 2 times daily.

Two months later, some black dots appeared around the edges of white patches, she continued the herbal treatment for another 4 months. Now the white patches around her eyes almost disappeared, she is now feeling confident to go out and at school, and get on with normal life (see the photos before and after the treatment).