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Chinese Medicine and male fertility

Low sperm count ---- back to normal

Mr Y Fessahaye, a 42 years old man presented at Dr. Yu clinic with a lower sperm count on 15/12/2014. He has a 2 years old child. Since the first child, his wife is unable to get pregnant. On 27 May 2014, he carried out the semen analysis at Assisted Conception Unit of Kings College Hospital. The result showed that his sperm count was 13 million/ml (normal value ≧20 million/ml) with normal forms being 4 % (normal value≧6%) and progression being ‘ fair’. He also has a type II diabetes of 2 years duration on metformin 500mg twice daily. He never smoke and only drink alcohol socially. The full blood tests were normal. But the NHS did not offer him any treatment for his lower sperm count.

During a consultation, Dr Yu inquired about his life style and general health, inspected his tongue, including its shape, color and coating, and checked his pulse. Then Dr Yu suggested him to take Chinese herbs and acupuncture treatment. Mr. Fessahaye started Chinese herbal treatment and carried out acupuncture twice weekly on 09/02/2015, After 13 weeks of herbs and acupuncture treatment, Mr Fessahaye went back to Assisted Conception Unit at Kings College Hospital for the semen analysis on 19 June 2015. The result showed that the sperm count was 39 million/ML with normal form of 7% and progression of “Good/Fair”.

Mr Fessahaye was so exciting and said it is a ‘ miracle” (see the test results before and after the treatment).

Place your mouse over the image to see the "after" results